• Mieczysław Łozowski Akademia Rolnicza w Szczecinie
Keywords: the insurance in agriculture, the obligatory insurance of agricultural buildings


The development of country insurances proceeded together with development of whole system of insurances in Poland. In 1807 the obligatory insurance of buildings from fire was introduced. In 1990 after the part of obligatory insurances was annul fall of agricultural insurances was observed. In small degree it concerned the insurances of buildings in the country and insurance of the farmers’ civil responsibility from damages done to the third persons. The change of principles which happened in this period relayed mainly on the fact that in period before 1990 r. insurance of buildings, covering mainly the claims caused by fire, flood, the hurricane and different impulsive defeats, had the legal character. This led in consequence to the situation I which all buildings except glasshouses the foil glasshouse tunnels, and the industrial, service and craft buildings in individual farms were insured in full range of risks. Analysis of course of this insurance in years 1997–2007, shows, that the insurance of agricultural buildings should be seen as relatively well prospering. Enlargement of more general functioning this insurance is possible across growth of insurance consciousness and the strengthener the control of taking out the insurance.


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